Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Happy Five Audacious

Sam, age 9, Atlantic Ocean (Ocean City, New Jersey, May 2004)

A few months ago, one of my uncles got the whole family together via email and said, "Why don't we practice our creative writing and all compose something using the word audacious. I loved what my sister wrote about her childhood trip to the Pacific Ocean in 1964, and she gave me permission to share it here:

Miles and miles we drove. Grandpa driving. Peg and Dave my companions. Big old car, the front seat able to recline completely joining the back. Wow! the Grand Canyon! Way high on Dave's shoulders looking way down. Was there a narrow path? I think there was. On and on we drove. No headlights. Grandpa scaring some lady, not meaning to, he needed her lights. Dave's face twisted in pain, imprinted there on my mind. Leg broken. And still we rode on. Meeting cousins I never knew. Mark David . . . where are you now? Disneyland, awe . . . the wonder of such a place. Magical for real. Normal days of the Ice cream man. Soda machines in the middle of a park. Mmmm . . . Dr. Pepper. Oh and the wonder of the ocean. Waves breaking . . . sandy beaches. Unable to contain myself . . . running for the water. Mark David scared but on my heels. Jumping in. In love with it all. Only a vacation. Free for a moment. Happy. Five. Audacious.

by guest blogger, Diane Burrows
"Little girl---Big Pacific" June 1964

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