Thursday, November 26, 2009

Thanksgiving Day Thoughts

Hurrah For The Raspberry Pie!

"Our lives are filled with people who provoke us, especially people we love. They help us figure out our own shit and why we are here. And why are we here again? . . . We don't know. . . . We only sort of know. . . . To live, love, help -- to decorate. To sweep our huts and find some food."

from Grace (Eventually) Thoughts on Faith (p 135)
by Anne Lamott

to decorate: check out those sugared leaves atop the pie!
to sweep our huts: thanks Oreck, thanks Swiffer, thanks Sam!
to find food: raspberries & cabbage from the garden, thanks Ger !

by Edna St. Vincent Millay

Ah, broken garden, frost on the melons and on the beans!
Frozen are the ripe tomatoes, the red fruit and the hairy golden stem;
Frozen are the grapes, and the vine above them frozen, and the peppers are frozen!
And I walk among them smiling, -- for what of them?

I can live on the woody fibres of the overgrown
Kohl - rabi, on the spongy radish coarse and hot,
I can live on what the squirrels may have left of the beech - nuts and the acorns . . .

I will cook for my love a banquet of beets and cabbages,
Leeks, potatoes, turnips, all such fruits . . .
For my clever love, who has returned from further than the far east;
We will laugh like spring above the steaming, stolid winter roots.

A Few Late November Raspberries

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  1. Oh darling, your pie is too perfect! So glad for Ger's raspberries. After a week in Philadelphia, I now know why were we live is perfect, just perfect!
    You are such a wordmistress! And I was thinking about your ginkos last week. xoxo