Monday, April 12, 2010

If Only My Mind Can Be Truly Beautiful

"In the mornings I drank the dew that fell from the magnolia:
At evening ate the petals that dropped from chrysanthemums.
If only my mind can be truly beautiful,
It matters nothing that I often faint for famine.
I pulled up roots to bind the valerian
And thread the fallen clusters of the castor plant;
I trimmed sprays of cassia for plaiting melilotus,
And knotted the lithe, light trails of ivy."

Excerpt from "Lament on Encountering Sorrow / Li Sao"
Found in the Songs of Ch'u / Qu Yuan (340 - 278 BC)
(Translated by David Hawkes)

My friend Tony Crossman will be teaching the following series of classes in the Boston area in the coming weeks (Tuesday evenings in April May, June):
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