Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Peter May I Call You Pete

10 Classics in 10 Minutes

Here's a funny little coincidence. Yesterday, I was reminiscing with a friend about what a kick we used to get out of 10 Classics in 10 Minutes, read at lightening speed by John Moschitta. For years I kept an old copy in the car, perfect for entertaining the kids, who learned all the jokes and nonsense as toddlers, long before they had ever read or seen any of the original works.

Having recently upgraded from well - worn cassette tape (made in college) to new CD / book set (as seen above), I mentioned how lucky we were, in these days of technologial advancement, to also be able to watch Moschitta's old Fed Ex commercials on youtube, anytime we want. My favorite line: "Peter, may I call you Pete!"

A few seconds later, I flipped over from email to facebook and -- surprise! -- a couple of my cousins had just posted the Moschitta Fed Ex commercial, "Fast Paced World." Now how did they know that, simultaneous to their post, I been writing to another friend about this very advertisement?

Do you happen to remember this ad (1981) that the 40th-anniversary issue of New York Magazine (2008) called "The Most Memorable Advertisement Ever"? If not, brace yourself for a few seconds of extremely fast - paced fun. If so, well, take a look just for old time's sake -- always good for a smirk:

FedEx Commercial
with the World's Fastest Talker,
John Moschitta, Jr. (b 1954)

"Can you wait fifteen seconds? I can wait fifteen seconds."

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P.S. My favorite line in 10 Classics comes up in the one - minute Odyssey when Odysseus and his crew visit the "Edge of the World...reminisce about old dead friends, drink a little blood." My family and I like to fit this line in whenever we're making a to - do list or recounting the events of the day:

Q: What did you do this afternoon?
A: I practiced the piano, went to the grocery store, stopped by the post office, drank a little blood.

Q: What should we do over Spring Break?
A: Maybe go skiing. Maybe the art museum. Visit the cousins. Reminisce about old dead friends. Drink a little blood.

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