Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Lilith, The Long - Haired Seductress

Lady Lilith, 1866 - 68
Original version, face of Fanny Cornforth, 1867
Overpainted with the face of Alexa Wilding, 1868 Both paintings by Dante Gabriel Rossetti, 1828 - 82

Notice how "Rossetti makes Lady Lilith's long flowing hair the central focus of the composition" (click to read "A Dialectic of Beauty in Rossetti's Lady Lilith" by Breanna Byecroft).

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Read more about hair as a motif: "Ad Hairenum"

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  1. Len writes: You should have the full series of overpaintings: the face of Queen Victoria, then Sarah Bernhardt, Virginia Woolf. . .

    Kitti: I will start looking for these right away, or perhaps start working on them myself. Not to mention the versions with MY face and other women whom we know personally! You know how people sometimes pick their "celebrity look - alikes" -- well, we can pick our "Pre-Raphaelite Overpaints.

    Victoria: We have got to visit Highgate together and lay flowers at the Rossetti graves!

    Kitti: Next May Day? Or maybe All Souls / Day of the Dead? And, do let me know, on what painting would you like to be overpainted?