Wednesday, November 2, 2011

All Souls: From Dust Thou Art

"Life is a constant battle
between the heart and the brain.
But guess who wins.
The skeleton."

a deep thought by Jack Handey
from The Lost Deep Thoughts

Sam's Goblin
acrylic, 1997

The Likelihood
At some time or other the dust will change its mind.
It will cease to be dust.
It will start over again.
It will reconstitute itself,
become skin,
become a fingernail or perhaps
a heart beating slowly.
Whatever, let's keep our eyes open
in case we miss the moment
of the the dust's rebellion,
and our ears open
for the small whisper of
"I'm fed up being dust," or
"I long to be an apple polished
against the sleeve
of a child I'd forgotten!"
It might be the dust buried beneath frost speaking,
or the dust of old machinery,
or the the melancholic dust of friends
who believed in dying.
It might even be the dust of moths
God left uninvented.

Against a pile of such dust I have weighed
the likelihood of you returning.

by British poet Brian Patten (b. 1946)
best known as one of the Liverpool Poets

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