Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Reindeer Paws

Paws vs Pause
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Wouldn't this make a great Christmas card: my friend Catherine's darling little MacDuff (i.e., Duffy) looking absolutely princely, prancing in the snow. Surely he is all ready to pull Santa's sleigh, with his beautiful red collar and perfect posture. I can hear it now, up on the rooftop ~ the prancing and pawing of each little paw!

And the way the photographer (i.e., Cate) captured those bright red berries in the foreground -- beautiful! Thanks for sharing, Cate!

My Cats, Pine and Beaumont, Waiting for Santa

A Christmas Poem from Cate

For Dear Kitti

When I got home last night all tired, no glee
what to my wondering eyes did I see?
A package, a package just for me!

And in it were visions so great and so small
to help me plan a Christmas with all
the marvel I'm blessed to install

Hopped up on the sofa, up with the feet
Buster and I settled to read our great treat
From page one to the end oh it couldn't be beat!

So thank you oh thank you and know this too
that we sang a Christmas carol just for you!

Love, Cate and Buster and some catz
24 November 2004

1 comment:

  1. Cate writes:
    "Wow what a lot of presents. Are they all for Pine and Beaumont?"