Sunday, November 25, 2012

Post - Thanksgiving - Post

Post - Thanksgiving Moon

"And friendship had other charms to captivate my heart.
We could talk and laugh together
and exchange small acts of kindness.
We could join in the pleasure that books can give.
We could be grave or gay together.
If we sometimes disagreed, it was without spite,
as you might differ with yourself,
and the rare occasions of dispute
were the very spice to season our usual accord.
Each of us had something to learn from the others
and something to teach in return.
If any were away, we missed them with regret
and gladly welcomed them when they came home.
Such things as these are heartfelt tokens
of affection between friends.
They are signs to be read on the face and in the eyes,
spoken by the tongue and displayed in countless acts of kindness.
They can kindle a blaze to melt our hearts and weld them into one."

from Augustine's Confessions, Book 8

~ Counting my Blessings, from distant sisters ~
Thanksgiving Candles from Di & China Tea Cup from Peg

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  1. Burnetta writes: Your latest tree photo caused me to take pen to paper. It is still in progress, but I wanted to share my thoughts. How to get them in a poem, or perhaps they should remain as are. I think there is one more line somewhere that would help tie things together.

    The light in Indiana is a little different than the light here in Arkansas.

    Kitti’s moons shimmer in bright light, vibrate in the colder northern air, illuminating the landscape, with other worldly luminosity.

    Her tree limbs reach out, touching the people who walk beneath the branches, attempting to alert them: watch out, walk softly, take your time.

    Holidays glisten with still life arranged to celebrate the daily beauty.

    Vegetables, fruits, flowers, garden implements, goblins, the little things that are taken for granted, until a day when rationality and identification demand that we look on our daily lives as parts of a puzzle, a desire to make sense of senseless life.

    What is in a photo that gives us comfort and peace?
    The moon, the trees, the things we use and throw away,
    The light that is never quite the same.