Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Time Fulfilled

One of the best places for St. Patrick's Day Greetings:

I sent the above e-card to my friend Beata a few years ago, when I was in England and she was having a quiet Spring Break at home. She e-mailed back to say that her St. Patrick's Day had been an ordinary, unmemorable day.

Unmemorable perhaps, but described in such a memorable way! I saved her note because I knew that her eloquent description of a day well - spent belonged on my Quotidian blog! And I just had a feeling that she might want to re-read it some time in the future (today!) and recollect the long forgotten, peaceful, pre - Spring day she enjoyed with her family five years ago. Beata, do you remember?

Wednesday, 18 March 2009
Dear Kitti,

Thank you for the lovely card. Every time I get one of these from you I enjoy it. I really wish I could jump into this scene! It is very, very poetic.

Here at home, we are blessed with beautiful weather by the Leprechauns' special order. You need to ask them why they are so generous, because only they know the answer. In my garden, I saw four snowdrops blooming and a few other varieties from last year which I had been told would survive only one season. I am glad to see them return to life. This is a good sign of spring coming to Indiana.

I wish I could work in the garden or go to the gym, but I need badly to finish my paper for my class. It's slowly progressing. I have to finish my second draft by tomorrow - that's what I promised myself.

I had a good time at Burnett School today, giving a puppet show for the kindergarten classes. The children liked our presentation and asked many questions. Later, I played with my cats; Johnny went to David's after practice to work on their project; Fabio went his way: to see the dentist, to his office, and finally to the kitchen to ask what's for dinner.

You see, bits and pieces, nothing special, nothing extraordinary, a day which I am sure I will not remember but what makes time fulfilled.

I hope you enjoy your stay.
Greetings to everyone!
Thinking of you,


[saved in gmail / Beata Letters Juno/ 12 - 11 - 10]

Beata & Kitti at the Gym
. . . and since it IS St. Patrick's Day . . .
look closely at my white turtleneck and you'll see
a tiny green shamrock, courtesy of Notre Dame!
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