Saturday, October 3, 2015

Road Trip

"Once again it was jolly autumn weather,
and the road was quiet, with few cars passing.
The air was like sweetbriar . . .
We two seemed the only tramps on the road."

~ from Down and Out in Paris and London (177)
George Orwell (1903 - 50)
English writer and social critic

"On the old highway maps of America, the main routes were red and the back roads blue. Now even the colors are changing. But in those brevities just before dawn and a little after dusk - times neither day nor night - the old roads return to the sky some of its color. Then, in truth, they carry a mysterious cast of blue, and it's that time when the pull of the blue highway is strongest, when the open road is a beckoning, a strangeness, a place where you can lose yourself."
~ from Blue Highways: A Journey into America
William Least Heat Moon (b 1939)
American travel writer and historian

"And when I'd seen all the sights,
there was the moon so round
Go home, said the man in the moon, go home
Go home, said the man in the moon, go home
Because it's getting sorta late, and I'll soon put out my light
So go home, said the man in the moon, go home

We didn't know who we were, we didn't know what we did
We were just on the road"
~ from "On the Road"
Sung by Michael Johnson (b 1944)
American singer, song - writer, guitarist


Recent travels with my twin brother:
Frederick & Baltimore, Maryland
Neosho, Missouri
Coffeyville & Caney, Kansas
Bartlesville, Oklahoma
Blue Springs & Kansas City, Missouri
Where to next?

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