Wednesday, September 21, 2016


Just hanging out, eating dinner in front of the television and watching our favorite show, when what to our wondering eyes should appear but a few answers to which Gerry and I definitely knew the questions!

We love it when that happens! Once back in November 2015, again in mid - July 2016, and, most recently, tonight:

Q: Who is John Purdue?

Q: What is Purdue?

Q: What is Computer Science?


And yet again! ~ January 12, 2017
Q: What is Purdue?

And again! ~ June 13, 2017
Q: What is Purdue?

And again! ~ November 30, 2017
Q: What is West Lafayette, Indiana?

For whatever reason,
Jeopardy just seems to love Purdue!
And we love Jeopardy!

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