Saturday, December 30, 2017

Messy Kweznuz!

Sad to say, Trump has ruined so many things for so many Americans. And I, for one, have added both “Merry Christmas” & "Happy Holidays" to the list of casualties. He and his lying lies have totally sucked all the joy out of these two seasonal and previously heartfelt greetings.

I don't want to say "Happy Holidays" as if I think "Merry Christmas" is somehow disallowed. But I also don't want to say "Merry Christmas" as if somehow Trump's blessing has made it possible -- when in fact it has never been disallowed and has always been possible. I want to be able to call out either one, whenever I feel like it, but it just doesn't feel good anymore; it feels bad.

So, as an alternative, courtesy of Rowan Atkinson's character Ebenezer Blackadder, Gerry and I have been working our way through the season by wishing everyone a "Very Messy Kweznuz!”

Click here to view the very funny
Blackadder's Christmas Carol

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