Wednesday, December 19, 2018

The Pomegranate Reminded Me

One of several fabulous pomegranate
ornaments hanging on my Christmas tree!

How to Cut a Pomegranate
[Read by the poet]

"Never," said my father,
"Never cut a pomegranate
through the heart.
It will weep blood.
Treat it delicately, with respect.

Just slit the upper skin across four quarters.
This is a magic fruit,
so when you split it open, be prepared
for the jewels of the world to tumble out,
more precious than garnets,
more lustrous than rubies,
lit as if from inside.
Each jewel contains a living seed.
Separate one crystal.
Hold it up to catch the light.
Inside is a whole universe.
No common jewel can give you this."

Afterwards, I tried to make necklaces
of pomegranate seeds.
The juice spurted out, bright crimson,
and stained my fingers, then my mouth.

I didn’t mind. The juice tasted of gardens
I had never seen, voluptuous
with myrtle, lemon, jasmine,
and alive with parrots’ wings.

The pomegranate reminded me
that somewhere I had another home.

by Imtiaz Dharker (British poet, born in Pakistan 1954)


Another pomegranate, behind the nutcracker:

So many more favorites!

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