Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Twin Cousins

Kitti with Eleanor Rose McCartney
b. August 16, 2020

The undisputed highlight of the summer was the arrival of these two little second cousins! My twin brother and I have reached another simultaneous milestone: becoming grandparents within weeks of each other.

Bruce with John Joseph Lesher
b. July 1, 2020

Our mother, holding her twins
b. May 24, 1957

Though neither of us had twins, we have always called our children "twin cousins" because they were the children of twins, and they were born within a few months of each other. Now Ben & Anna's firstborns will be "twin second cousins"!

The Twin Cousins
L to R: Sam & Sara, born six months apart in 1993
Anna & Ben, born three months apart in 1990

Bruce With His Girls

Me With My Boys
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  1. At Anna's wedding, Sam arrived late...during the reception. When he arrived, our four kids pulled off to spot by themselves and were doing whatever it is four young people do these days. Gerry and I were observing them from a short distance and I said to him, "We sure hit the kid lottery didn't we?" and he replied, "We certainly did."