Thursday, October 29, 2020

Rest in Peace Henry Wise Miller

Posting today in honor of
my great - great - grandfather,
who died 105 years ago today ~ RIP
Henry Wise Miller
(May 27, 1834 ~ October 29, 1915)
Elizabeth Birkinbine Miller
(February 28, 1938 ~ March 28, 1925)

For more on his life and death,

see my current post:

"The Birkinbine Millers of Oak Street"

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Looking over the various photographs and artifacts from Great - Great - Grandfather Miller's life, I can't help thinking of this haunting passage from William Soutar (1898 - 1943) and wondering if it goes both ways -- not only why do we wish to be remembered, but why do we wish to remember these dear old folks who have never looked, can never look, upon our face?
"Why do we wish to be remembered, even when none remain who looked upon our face? Surely, though it must retain an element of self- consideration, it is a last acknowledgment that we need to be loved; and, having gone from all touch, we trust that memory may, as it were, keep our unseen presence within the borders of day."
Is it their love or approval that we seek? Or perhaps the opportunitity to say, "Look at us; we are you great - great - grands! It was all worth it! We're going to the future and taking you with us!" Whatever our motiviation, we sense their unseen presence, whenever we look at the old photos, visit the cemetery, or honor the ancestors, on Memorial Day or Dia de los Muertos.

Wishing you a long, introspective weekend!
~ All Hallows ~ All Saints ~ All Souls ~

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  1. Hi Kitti,
    These are also my second great grandparents through their son Jacob George Miller. Do you have any information about their parents and grandparents?
    Jeff Foster