Sunday, December 6, 2009

The Little St. Nick

Sam, Ready for Holidays Around the World (Sixth Grade)

St. Nicholas Day: time to set out our red wooden shoes and fill them with dreidels (combining holidays!), along with two sweet little Waiting for Santa Sisters from my friend Etta, an elegant bread dough St. Nick, made by Gerry's Auntie Jan (in the mirror you can see that even his back is finely detailed), and a couple of St. Nicholas picture postcards collected over the years from our friends in Holland. When the boys were little, these friends also sent us some realistic looking St. Nick shaped chocolates. I set them out on the table to admire and after a few days, Ben (only 4 at the time) said, "When can we eat those priests?"

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  1. Second Sunday of Advent 2016:

    " . . . the hope that is the child . . . "

    The Rev. Peter J. Bunder