Thursday, December 3, 2009

Willow and Ginkgo

Venerable Indiana Willow Tree, Lost to the Ice Storm
in March 1991 (Gerry and Baby Ben, Autumn 1990)

"The ginkgo forces its way through gray concrete;
Like a city child, it grows up in the street.
Thrust against the metal sky,
Somehow it survives and even thrives.
My eyes feast upon the willow,
But my heart goes to the ginkgo."

from "Willow and Ginkgo"
by Eve Merriam (1916 - 1992)
American Poet
Winner of the Yale Younger Poets Prize, 1946

Our beautiful side street in Philadelphia, lined with Ginkgoes.
City Children:
Ben at the wheel of our Station Wagon
Sam, back seat driver
Yes, this was your father's Oldmobile!
Autumn 1997

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