Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Feast of the Three Kings

Handcrafted with sponge and potato,
in 2001 ~ by Whitney (age 3)
daughter of my friends Marv & Mili

Often heard at Christmas is the joke about the children who misunderstand the words to "Silent Night" and ask about "Round John Virgin." Who is that guy?

What always mixed me up was that faraway exotic place where "We Three Kings" were from -- Orientar. Now where was that, I wonder?

How was I to know that the Wise Men were merely placing their verb at the end of the sentence? I knew I was from Kansas, but no one in my family had ever been heard to say, "We Carrikers of Kansas are." So as far as I was concerned, those three kings were from Orientar.

Orientar. Even now, I think it sounds like an enticing geographic location, mysterious, full of possibility and hidden truth and camels!

Epiphany. May wisdom and syntax be made manifest!

PS. See also: "The Days Were Long" & "The Four Kings of Orientar"

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