Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Holy Connection and Coincidence Batman!

"Flash your Batsign over Lime Street" ~Adrian Henri
Elephants at Lime Street Station, Liverpool
"Holy Historical Circus Parade, Batman!"

This coming Friday (the 14th!)I will be putting up a new post on my Fortnightly blog, but before moving on, I have just a few more bat thoughts to share with you. Last month, the day after "Happy Batday," I was having lunch with a friend who takes a great interest in Animal Totems. She was telling me that, for several reasons, she feels that my personal totem must be the bat. I said, no, the cat; she said, no, the bat! Coincidence? At that point, I asked her if she had read my blog the day before. No she had not! Yet, coincidentally, she had identified the bat as right for me without even knowing about my interest in the batpoems.

Batman is just one step removed from an actual bat, and the batpoems are just one step removed from Batman. Two degrees of separation? I guess that's pretty close! Upon returning home from lunch that day, I opened my laptop, and the first thing I saw on my facebook was this picture, posted by my nephew Daniel, along with the caption: "Holy Bat Brush, Batman!"

Coincidence? I wrote to Dan right away to find out. No, he said, he had not yet seen the Bat Blog! As a helpful gesture, I sent him the link, and can you guess what word popped up in the security check box: "Robyn." No kidding!

Later that evening, while reading Elif Batuman's amazing memoir of her years as a graduate student in Russian Literature (The Possessed: Adventures With Russian Books and The People Who Read Them), I came across the following short poem in translation:

Was it my heart -- a bird -- that was caught in your
locks that unfortunate night,
Or was it bats of some kind?

~Alisher Navoi, 1441 - 1501
Poet, Statesman, and Founder of Uzbek Literature

At this point, I was beginning to hear the Call of the Wild and decided it was time to do a little batground* reading. I googled Animal Totems to see what more I could learn about the Bat. Some of the things I read spoke straight to my heart.Turns out that the bat, although a misunderstood and unnecessarily feared animal, is a great Totem to have on your side, a symbol of energy, vision, and social connectedness.
". . . someday,
we would feel the motion of our thought
beating as softly as the wings of a bat."

from the story
"O For a Thousand Tongues to Sing"
in The Kneeling Bus (p 100)
by Beverly Coyle

I like it that the Bat is a verbally oriented animal totem who encourages you to tell a new story about yourself and your life, to relinquish all the old fearful narratives that are no longer representative of your spiritual growth. The Bat is a totem of transition and rebirth, a truth - seeker with an unwavering agenda of self - exploration, including:

Dying to our ego
Loving our enemies as ourselves
Going within to touch our inner demons
Exploring the underworlds of reality (which can be scary)
Renewing our thoughts & beliefs on a moment-to-moment basis

Moment to moment?

Every, every minute . . .

The Bat it is.

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P.S. *Batground* Thanks to Gerry for inspiring this new term!
P.S.S. Not to mention the spelling of Elif's Batuman's last name:

BAT - u - MAN!

Tennessee Bats

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  1. ooo. That was fun. Love the bat totem. Mine is the crow or raven which ever is bigger. I wanted a rabbit but somehow I'm fiercer then that. lol. Great writing. Are we book working yet deary? xoxo Cate