Friday, May 14, 2010

Perfect Parent? Not!

Looking for the perfect childhood?
You can almost find it here,
on this beautiful street in Philadelphia.

Perfect street? Almost. Perfect parent? Not quite! Ben and Sam still love to punish me for not letting them watch Billy Elliot when it first came out and for the time when I refused to play hide & seek with them, and for the time when I got mad and took all their toys off the shelf and threw them into a big pile on the bed, shouting "play with this; play with this; play with this" -- after they had complained to me that they had nothing to play with. These are the embarrassing things they said they'd make me include if I ever decided to write an essay about the parenting errors I made during their childhood. Well, now I've confessed voluntarily, so no one has to make me. Ha!

See all those toys?

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