Sunday, June 20, 2010

Father's Day

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My father, Willard M. Carriker (1923 - 1987) worked at Rocketdyne from 1962 - 1967, writing systems & procedures manuals in the Quality Control department. Neosho is a small town in southwest Missouri, where I went to school K - 4th. The picture above was taken when we went back to visit in 2002.

With My Father at the Airport
Labor Day Weekend, 1986


A passage that my dad copied down
and sent to me at the start
of my 2nd year of college:
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  1. Wow. What a treasure that note from your father is. And what a perfect passage for you, Kitti. I love that you posted it!

  2. Thanks Jan! Even though it is a quotation from someone else, I love it that it is in my dad's handwriting -- or, to be more precise, his amazingly precise printing!

  3. My brother Bruce writes: I like this Father's Day post.

    In the "Tulsa World" they used to - maybe still do - run a little blurb in the sports section, "This Day in Sports History," and it would list things of significance in sports that happened on that particular day. The whole month of May, 1987, Dad clipped those out and taped them onto plain white paper, about 4x5. When the month was over, he joined them all together into a little booklet, and wrote on the front page, in that neat handwriting of his, "Your Month in Sports History."

    On May 24, he had added: "May 24, 1957 - Bruce Carriker, world's foremost sports fan, was born." It is one of my handful of priceless treasures.

    Writing this, I am struck with incredible sadness for folks who experience floods or fires or hurricanes; a keen sense of their loss. New guitars? No problem. New computer? No problem. New library? Most of it is replaceable, anyway. But if I ever lost that little booklet, it could never, ever be replaced.