Friday, September 17, 2010

Every Day Luminous

Still life with Chinese Lantern Plant (Physalis alkekengi)
. . . some say "Invasive" / I say "Luminous"

If you're not a fan of Susan Branch, you should be! Autumn From the Heart of the Home is one of her many celebratory books, filled with delightful drawings, charming calligraphy, tempting recipes, and inspiring seasonal quotations, such as this:

We are in for a spell of perfect weather now,
every day luminous, every night brimmed with stars.
Picnics at noon, supper by the applewood fire at night,
a walk in the cool moonlight before bed.

Gladys Taber
American columnist, 1899 - 1980
Author of the Stillmeadow Journals


  1. This is my first visit to your blog, but I love it already! I found you because of the book by Susan Branch, coupled with the luminous quote, but I smiled when I saw your template. It was one I used for a long time. I'll poke around some and comment again soon. Thanks for sharin' :)