Friday, September 3, 2010

"F" Words

A couple of summers ago, I saw a clever story in More magazine about "Reinventing the F - Word." The article featured Jamie Lee Curtis -- funny, fit, focused, fifty -- in an "F is for . . ." photo essay, a log of her day, beginning with "Five A.M." and ending with "Fatigue," "Friends," "Found," and "Feminine."

Curtis encourages women in their forties and fifties (get it, these are F - words!) to embrace their inner F - word, to replace the forbidden F - word with all kinds of fun, positive options: fabulous, family, fantastic, farmer, flaming, fashion, fluffy, friendly, funky, Freaky Friday! So why not celebrate today --
T G I F -- by picking out your own . . .

My choice was obvious: FELINE!
Thanks to my cat Beaumont for posing
and to my son Sam for photographing us!
(July 2008)

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