Monday, December 27, 2010

Boy Doll

Christmas with the Cousins
At Grandma & Grandpa Carriker's, 1966

When my sister Peg posted this old picture on facebook a few months ago, we were all so thrilled! I knew there was a paper copy in the family photo album at my mother's house, but I didn't have one myself. I had been thinking and thinking about this picture and wondering if I would ever see it again! Peg tagged not only all the cousins but also the silver Christmas tree there on the right! I'm nearly certain that to go along with it, my grandparents had one of those revolving color wheels underneath the tree. It was a short-lived phase, but we had to be proud of them for experimenting with a new trend! Our oldest brother Dave was in Vietnam at the time, and we sent him a miniature reel - to - reel tape of Peg and us little kids singing Christmas songs.

My youngest brother Aaron (cowboy jacket, right in front) wrote: "My favorite outfit!!!! . . . And I love the way Marguerite (front right) is making the cat face the camera!" Her little sister Alicia is holding up something very tiny: a little mouse? a baby bird? Their brother Nick (next to Aaron) and my sister Diane share the same birthday, so they were always known as the twin cousins.

My twin brother Bruce (behind Nick) observed that Brent, our tallest cousin (right behind Bruce), is the living embodiment of "Merry Christmas." Haha! Well, that's what happens when you make a teen-aged boy pose with all the "little kids." Brent's sisters, Kim and Marla, were my generous, stylish cousins who always shared with me the best hand - me - downs ever, some store - bought, some hand - made, all lovely! Thanks Kim & Marla!

My sister Di and I (behind Aaron) were so proud of our new dolls! If any of you ever come to visit and stay overnight, you will find Boy Doll, in pristine condition, sitting on the guest bed. I wanted this doll like crazy, but I never played with him very much and never gave him a name other than "Boy Doll." Little did I know that one day a couple of decades later I would have two little blond baby boys who looked just like that doll!

Or . . . wait! . . . perhaps I did know but just didn't know that I knew! Maybe Boy Doll was sent to me as an innocent little Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come!

Thanks Santa! Thanks Peg (standing closest to silver tree) -- I couldn't have asked for a better Christmas present than this old photograph of us kids!

~ and look what else I found ~
My Boy Doll, on p 619 of the Sears Christmas Catalog, 1966

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  1. Yep, they did have the revolving colored light under the silver tree. It was quite chic for the time and I think they're kind of making a comeback. Thanks for posting this on your blog.

  2. My other set of grandparents in Chicago had a white tree with red balls and the revolving color wheel...ahhhh those were the days!!!!!