Thursday, December 16, 2010

Lou Holtz On My Christmas Tree

Way back when I lived in Fayetteville, Arkansas, and Lou Holtz coached the Razorbacks, I saw plenty of Lou dolls in the store windows every day but, stupidly, never thought to buy one for myself. After I moved to Notre Dame (as did Lou!), I regretted my oversight. Not until the miracle of e-bay did I realize that it was not too late. I have since taken the opportunity to buy several, one of which -- as you can see above -- has pride of place on the Christmas tree, right alongside of Hello Kitty.

According to one ebay seller, Lou is the first and only coach in the world to ever have a doll made in his image ~ making this doll an historical first. Now why didn't I mention that in my dissertation?


  1. And also next to the little cornhusk dolls I got for you in E. Berlin. They've held up well.

  2. Dear Peg, YES! I should have pointed that out! I think you sent them to me 25 years ago! Just the other day when I was hanging them on the tree -- and sitting the big Raggedy Andy that you made for Sam underneath the tree for the season -- it crossed my mind to jump right up and write you an e-mail to say I was thinking of you! Well, I didn't do it at the time, but now you know!