Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Always Far Away

The Last Full Moon of Winter
"Looks so pretty and at the same time so sad."
Intriguing facebook comment from my friend Nancy Allen

Nancy's comment reminded me of something I read recently about the mystery of sadness and distance:

"We treat desire as a problem to be solved, address what desire is for and focus on that something and how to acquire it rather than on the nature and the sensation of desire, though often it is the distance between us and the object of desire that fills the space in between with the blue of longing. . . the beauty of that blue that can never be possessed . . . Somewhere in this is the mystery of why tragedies are more beautiful than comedies and why we take a huge pleasure in the sadness of certain songs and stories. Something is always far away" (30).

from A Field Guide to Getting Lost
by Rebecca Solnit

Could it be that looking at the moon fills us with such sadness because it is so far away and because that vast distance is filled with longing?

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