Friday, May 11, 2012

Happy Graduation, Ben!

An Exciting Weekend Coming Up:

College Graduation & Senior Recital

And since I hadn't started keeping a blog back when Ben graduated from highschool, here are some ghosts of events past:

High School Graduation, 4 years ago

Summer Organ Recital, August 2008

High School Valedictorian Speech
by William Benedict McCartney
24 May 2008

Four years of high school have come and gone, and, seeing as for the last time in at least ten years, we are all together, I felt it appropriate to introduce one final piece of legislation.

A Resolution of Thanks:

Whereas, Mr. Ohlhaut, who came to a new school at the same time I did and stayed in my schedule every year, either as teacher or professional consultant; Mr. Spencer, who inspired and facilitated the most obsessive studying I've ever done for two two hour tests; Mr. Smith, whose influence on me as a teacher and coach was enough that I formatted my final words as a piece of congress legislation; Mr. Overley who witnessed my senioritis in a way that only a teacher who had me the first semester of freshman year, the second semester of senior year, and the football season every year in between could, and all the teachers and faculty members of West Lafayette High School were exemplary, and

Whereas Michael Bennett, my organ teacher, who ensured that when I didn't feel like doing homework I could do something else guilt free, maintains to this day a close friend and superb teacher, and

Whereas all my peers pushed, stimulated, motivated, and supported me, and

Whereas my friends have ensured that I have become a better human being, and in so doing become some of the people closest to my heart, you know who you are, and

Whereas my grandma, who made sure I didn't strain my eyes; my grandpa, who ensured I aimed straight and true in school and on the football field; Sam, who's pretty much a pain I'm most of the time proud to call my brother, and my mom and dad, who fed, watered, drove, put up with, listened to, and encouraged me every single impossible step of the way were the best family I could have hoped for

Be it resolved by the graduating class of 2008 here assembled that without the help, guidance, encouragement, and support of many, many people we could not have made it, so successfully, this far.

Be it further resolved that, as amazing has high school was, man, are we ready to get out of here. Thank you all for a four great years.

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