Wednesday, October 24, 2012

As Martha Stewart Says . . .
Good Things

Some of my favorite Good Things for Fall: Halloween fruit bowl, green tomato harvest, scented candles, and Salsabol with roasted pumpkin seeds!

1. Frasier Fir Candle by Thymes

2. Halloween Memories Bowl by Bethany Lowe

3. Salsabol by Michael and Tom

4. Pumpkin Pie Candle by Colonial Candle

5. Late tomatoes and eggplant from Gerry's vegetable garden.


excerpts from the poetry of
Mary Oliver

All my life
I have been restless --
I have felt there is something
more wonderful than gloss --
than wholeness --
than staying at home.

I have not been sure what it is.


every year
the hatchlings wake . . .

and love the world.
Is it necessary to say anymore?
Have you heard them singing in the wind, above the final fields?
Have you ever been so happy in your life?


of course
loss is the great lesson.

But also I say this: that light
is an invitation
to happiness
and that happiness,
when it's done right,
is a kind of holiness.


in this world I am as rich
as I need to be.


Look! for most of the world
is waiting
or remembering --
most of the world is time
when we're not here,


Look, I want to love this world
as though it's the last chance I'm ever going to get
to be alive
and know it.

from the poems
"Whelks," "Goldfinches," "Poppies," "Winter,"
"Hummingbird Pauses at the Trumpet Vine," and "October"

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