Friday, October 26, 2012

Asked & Answered: What Do I Fear?

A thought for the weekend from my son Sam

This poster reminds me of something Stephen Dedalus says
in Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man:

"You made me confess the fears I have.
But I will tell you also what I do not fear.
I do not fear to be alone or to be spurned for another
or to leave whatever I have to leave.
And I am not afraid to make a mistake, even a great mistake,
a lifelong mistake and perhaps as long as eternity too. . . .
I will take the risk."

~ James Joyce ~

I have always admired Stephen's list and suspected that, although he says the opposite, these are in fact the things that he fears most.
And he loves his fears.

More on Stephan Dedalus:
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