Saturday, June 16, 2012

Happy Bloomsday to All!

in honor of James Joyce, Ulysses,
Leopold Bloom, and Bloomsday

Thanks to my son Ben for allowing me to share some of his recent Dublin photos and captions . . .

"We started south towards the river Liffey
passing the General Post Office on the way."

"Across the river we find Trinity College Dublin.
One of Gerry McCartney's alma maters."

"We continued South, down Grafton street,
and to the entrance of St. Stephen's Green."

"Chris stopped to take some pictures of ducks."

"We found a hat and sweater shop in Dublin and
couldn't help but try them on. Unfortunately I
look ridiculous, Richard's looking pretty good though."

"We saw a lot of beer being delivered around
the city. It was a clear reminder that Dublin
was the place to be for the freshest Guinness."

"Speaking of Guinness. We got some for lunch
and it was far and away better than the
canned American version. Chris was thirsty."

Happy Bloomsday to All
And to All a Good Night!

It's always Bloomsday somewhere! Right?

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View across St. Stephen's Green, looking south.
~ Dublin, Ireland ~ ca. 1900 ~
"Crossing Stephen's, that is, my green . . . " (186)

from Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man
by James Joyce

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