Sunday, June 17, 2012

Celtic Blessing

by Jay Beets

Celtic Prayer and Blessing
from my friend The Rev. Nancy C. Tiederman

Nancy writes: "The origin and location of this prayer have escaped my memory. Perhaps I found it at the shrine for Saint David and St. David’s Cathedral. Or maybe I found it at the little church named for Saint Iltud in Wales. I do remember it came from a place on the Welsh Coast on the Irish Sea."

From the flowing of the tide to its ebbing
From the waxing of life to its waning
Of your peace provide us
Of your life lead us
Of your goodness give us
Of your grace grant us
Of your power protect us
Of your love lift us
And in your arms accept us
From the ebbing of the tide to its flowing
From the waning of life to its waxing

And this ~ kind of related ~
from "Josephine the Singer, or the Mouse Folk"
by Franz Kafka:

"Our life is very uneasy, every day brings surprises, apprehensions, hopes, and terrors, so that it would be impossible for a single individual to bear it all did he not always have by day and night the support of his fellows; but even so it often becomes very difficult; frequently as many as a thousand shoulders are trembling under a burden that was really meant only for one pair."

Rows of windows -- a good way to signify
the many burdens and the many shoulders . . .
The Travelers Hotel ~ Kirksville, Missouri
Where My Grandmother Used to Work
~ Thanks for the photos Jay! ~

Vintage Postcard ~ The Travelers Hotel ~ Kirksville, Missouri


  1. Jack wrote: But Kitti, you make it look so easy!

    Rhonda Breece-Sita wrote: Love the Celtic Prayer.

    Dodie wrote: I agree with Kafka, for sure about all that humans bear each day, but I might argue that no burden in this universe is ever meant only for one pair of shoulders. That is a more individualist way of thinking than I use, personally. My thoughts are that everything is connected, so the burdens are meant to be shared. I see many modern cultures, certainly mainstream American, but also European, moving too far away from a connectedness, leaving individuals and nuclear families bearing the stress of too much. Especially in the realm of parenting--leaving children at the mercy of anxious, stressed out parents and consequently often not getting the emotional attention they need to develop a strong, competent and compassionate character.

  2. Dodie added: Did you know or remember that Grandma worked at the Travelers for many years? She was a maid when I was a small child. At about 5 years old I remember going to work with her and "helping." Not sure how often but more than once or twice. The cooks would treat me to my favorites which were (oddly enough) cottage cheese and melba toast. They also offered ice cream, which I also enjoyed. The family that owned it lived on the floor that Grandma worked. I can't quite remember the family's last name--but I think it was Sam; they had two daughters who were a year or two older than me, so they often gave Grandma hand me downs for me. I remember in particular a winter coat with matching wool pants with suspenders. Also a fur muff--is that what it was called?! My memories seem to be fading. I LOVED going with her. I worshiped her so in those days--she was my hero.