Friday, June 22, 2012

Fetching the Cat

Fetching the Cat ~ Batik by Terri Haugen

Back in the Fall of 1986, I saw this print on the cover of Reader's Digest and was immediately drawn to the white house and the latticed porch that reminded me of a house I had once lived in. Even more, I loved the endearing posture of the child holding the big patient cat in her arms. To this day, that old magazine cover resides safely, if a bit faded, between the pages of one of my poetry notebooks.

As the artist explains, this summery painting features her daughter "fetching the cat." Sam's pose is incredibly similar in a couple of wintry photographs that I have of him clutching our big, sweet, patient Josef in exactly the same classic manner:

Christmas 2000
Sam and Ben
Taking Josef Outside to See the Snow

Christmas 2001
Sam & Jo - Pie


Detail: "Fetching"

Detail: Christmas 2000

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