Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Welcome Oestara!

First Full Moon After the Vernal Equinox

Taken with my Kodak EasyShare,
using the zoom lens, standing indoors,
looking through the glass ceiling of our sun porch.


Ode to the Passover Moon

Oh moon so full
I see your shadow in my head tonight
Your color is a mauve color of yellow
And I suspect that you have seen
In your light gone by
The death of the first newborn
As well as
The blood of

Craig Brenner


Nisan moon shatters picture, window
Bright operating theater, moon’s surgical lamp
Magnetizes white hot center. Inside, below
Agitated shards of memory forced to dance.
Howl at the moon for what was lost
In the sea of rough truths
Howl at the moon for the child tossed
Stripped of lifeboat, safety, youth.
It’s Passover: Eat quickly, pray hard. Smear blood on doorframe
For freedom, for escape. Keep running. God knows your name.

Joan Gelfand

Taken from the front porch ~ April 2, 2015
with my Canon PowerShot

Time for "the Ball of a Hundred Kings"
from The Master and Margarita

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