Monday, September 16, 2013

Do Not Worry, Do Not Hurry,
Just Eat Curry!

A quiet spot for coffee, tea, curry, rice pudding
and inspiration:
"No. No, we are not satisfied
and we will not be satisfied
until 'justice rolls down like water
and righteousness like a mighty stream.' "
~ Martin Luther King, Jr. ~

in the lovely Yerba Beuna Gardens, San Francisco

Last year, when I flew out to San Francisco for the first time, I was stressing about the trip and asked my friend Eileen to send me some anti - worry mantras. She had already shared many; but, of course, when I needed them most -- when I was worrying! -- I couldn't remember them.

She e-mailed back with a simple mantra, easy to keep in mind while traveling or anytime: "Do Not Worry, Do Not Hurry, Just Eat Curry!"

For more excellent mantras from Eileen and others
see my current post

"Do Not Worry, Do Not Hurry, Just Eat Curry!"
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