Monday, September 2, 2013

Labor Day: Don't Work Too Hard

That's me -- scowling whilst vacuuming!
In the House of Martha and Mary
by Eileen Kennedy

Christ in the House of Martha and Mary
Johannes Vermeer
Mary or Martha?

"she has chose the better part" ~New Testament

How quickly men gather at the table.
They are hungry. They are empty.
Their innards growl for tuna surprise,
Apple Brown Betty. Someone named Mary
has thrown ingredients together,
has placed the dishes, thus,
will pick at leavings later.
She will grow fat from devouring
all the remnants.

Her hunger
is to sit at table, pick at her food
idly, with her fork, while
the men listen to her words
with their eyes in their hands,
their tongues on the edge of her knife.

~ Mary McAnally, 1983
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  1. Note to Self:

    Andre Dubus ~ essay

    Apple Brown Betty ~ poem

  2. In a related observation from Advent Season, Peter Bunder said, "Jesus did not come so that we could spend the entire month of November and December racing around like crazy, getting ready for Christmas. He came to give us the same message that the angel Gabriel brought to The Virgin Mary: Blessed Are You Among Women!"

  3. "Jesus had none of the familiar male ego. He was never patronizing in his relationships with women and children. He had no need to dominate anyone or limit any human potential. Two of his closest friends, Mary and Martha, were women, and this without any hint of scandal."
    ~ Gladys M. Hunt

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