Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Still So Green

First sign of fall: the rogue / rouge tree!
In the Bois du Boulogne, 1933
by Camille Bombois, 1883 - 1970

The funny thing about this time of year -- over a week beyond the Autumnal Equinox -- is that everything is still so green! Except for the occasional changing treetop or a stray red leaf here and there on the sidewalk, all the trees still look like summer! Even though October has arrived and my latest Fortnightly post features the bright orange leaves of autumn, when I look out my window, that's not what I see.

The ginkgos at Purdue will be green for another month yet.

My neighbor's driveway.

My Secret Garden Path

The Trees at Sugar Creek, Missouri
photographed by Jay Beets, 28 September 2013

24 October 2013

Same View
31 October 2013

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