Sunday, October 13, 2013

The Woodlands Cemetery

Thanks to Deirdre Woods for these beautiful photographs of
The Woodlands Cemetery ~ Philadelphia
Deirdre said, "I think I shall never see a poem as lovely as a (ginkgo) tree!" And we both agreed that if we could only have one tree on a desert island, it would be the ginkgo!

Also incredibly lovely at The Woodlands this time of year:
"Autumn light and a magnificient ash tree."

When Ben and Sam were small, we'd drop Gerry off at The Wharton School and on the way home drive through The Woodlands Cemetery. The boys, however, did not yet know the word "cemetery" and thought I was saying "country." For years afterward, we always referred to The Woodlands as "the country." A drive through the cemetery was a drive through the country!

When they asked, "Can we go to the country?" they didn't mean Valley Forge or the Pine Barrens, they just meant The Woodlands -- or perhaps their other favorite oasis, the Biopond! Both the Biopond and The Woodlands are such beautiful green spaces right in the middle of the city that, for urban kids, they are The Countryside!

Fall Fun At The Woodlands - 1997
Playing Statue

Chinese Epitaph

There's Center City ~ Within Walking Distance!

A Good Castle Wall . . .

. . . For Two Little Knights
(Halloween ~ 1998)

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