Thursday, January 30, 2014

Contemplation Until Lunchtime & Spare - time Literary Activity

Early Morning View of Navy Pier as seen from
Northwestern University Arthur Rubloff Building / School of Law,
downtown Chicago ~ 30 November 2012
Photo by Gerry McCartney

How to spend each golden hour? Are you looking to add a little structure to your day? If so, here are some scheduling ideas from a couple of the best novels that I have ever read:

breakfast at ten;
contemplation until lunchtime;
after lunch a nap (one hour),
then coffee, in bed if transportation was available;
flute playing in bed (one hour);
get up;
play bagpipes while marching round the room (one hour);
more bagpipes out in the courtyard (half an hour) . . .

from The Tin Drum, 1959
by Nobel prize winner Gunter Grass

. . . or . . .

12.00. Go, weather permitting, to College, there conducting light conversation on diverse topics with friends, or with acquaintances of a casual character.

2.00 p.m. Go home for lunch.

3.00. Return to bedroom. Engage in spare - time literary activity, or read.

from At Swim Two Birds, 1939
by Irish novelist Flann O'Brien

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