Sunday, January 12, 2014

Too Pretty to Put Away

You can see Gerry just pulling into the garage at 5:30;
yet it's still so light! The days are getting longer!
Does that mean it's time to take the tree down?

Well, everyone knows that the greens
don't have to come down until next month! Right?

Time yet for holiday tea with a friend.

'Tis the season for stretching a few more weeks out of the season! I'm still listening to my Christmas music and very slowly warming up to the reality of putting the decorations away. Should I be thinking about taking the big tree down? No, not yet! I'm dragging my feet because it all seems just too pretty to put away! Every ornament reminds me of something I don't want to forget. The branches are stuffed with all the year - end cards and photographs -- Malcolm S. Forbes calls each one a cheerful handshake -- reminders of loved ones and pen pals, far and near. I need to live with those images just a little while longer. Looking forward, looking back!

Happy January!

In the dark days of December,
we really needed all the extra light we could get!

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