Saturday, October 11, 2014

Fly Away

Farewell Beaumont (ca 2005 - 11 October 2014)

Longing for a Departed Child

I wonder how far
My small dragonfly hunter
Has wandered today!

~ Chiyo ~

Beaumont was only ever an indoor cat, but still I like to think
of her as both the dragonfly hunter and the dragonfly.
Floor Mosaics at the Wynn / Encore, Las Vegas
see also: Dreaming & Am I Dreaming?

Even before seeing this post, my friend Cate picked out
this dragonfly card by artist Kathy Davis
to send in honor of Beaumont -- coincidence?


  1. A lovely photo of Beau! I have some good ones that you've sent. Wrapping gifts won't be the same. I'm sending the photo I told you about on the phone via email. .

    Love. Cate

  2. My sister Peggy Carriker Rosenbluth wrote: "What have I said Kit? There are no coincidences. It's the universe showing us that we're all connected and feel the love, happiness, and pain of one another -- we just have to be ready to listen."

    Thanks Peg!