Sunday, October 26, 2014

What Makes Life So Sweet

That it will never come again . . .

That it will never come again
is what makes life so sweet.

Emily Dickinson

Loving one another . . .

"From now on, Eliza, I don't figure there's a thing
asked of me but to love my fellow men . . as far as I can see,
there's not another thing asked of me, from this day forward
" (214).

from The Friendly Persuasion
by Jessamyn West

Including Scarecrows . . . Friend? Stranger? Today?

Render Unto Caesar
What do you have that belongs to another?
Tribute? Custom? Honor? Fear?

Whose image and name is on that thing?
Friend? Stranger? Leader? Brother?

Where is the due that you should bring?
Near? Afar? Hoarded? Covered?

When will you owe only love for another?
Today? Tomorrow? There? or Here?

Leon Stacey

Thanks to my sweet friends Beata and Katie
for a Sunday afternoon visit to Prophetstown, Indiana
to walk the Trail of Scarecrows!

And thanks to
Chapel of the Good Shepherd / Purdue Episcopal Campus Ministry
for the Leon Stacey reference

Along the Wabash Bike Trail

As George Herbert says,
"Take the gentle path."

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  1. Tim Therrien writes:

    "Life is an end in itself, and the only question as to whether it is worth living is whether you have had enough of it."
    ~ Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr.

    Thanks, Kitti for your unending eloquent endeavor; it is a reading pleasure I enjoy!