Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Littlest Angel, Brightest Star

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So we learn from Chris de Burgh (see previous post) that the Star of Bethlehem might be some kind of complicated spaceship from the past or the future; but equally appealing is the possibility described in The Littlest Angel. The star could be a treasure box containing the smallest items -- two white stones, three blue eggs, a butterfly orange and a black, a feather -- insignificant in every way aside from the fact that they are dear to our hearts. The little time traveler leaves Eternity for a short visit Earth, where only mere seconds have elapsed since his departure. But days have passed in the afterlife, and he misses his wooden treasure chest:

"All these things I love best
I have kept in this old chest.
Sorted and counted hundreds of nights,
they all have have given me a thousand delights.
Who can say how much they are worth?
They are the miracles of the Earth."

Story by Charles Tazewell, Illustrated by Sergio Leone

The Littlest Angel,
"A Spaceman Came Traveling"

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