Thursday, December 11, 2014

Feast or Peace?

Winter Citrus: Therefore Let Us Keep the Feast!

Earlier this week [click or scroll down] I wrote about inadvertently replacing the word iniquity with inequity, for a surprisingly enhanced and updated reading of the Old Testament Prophet Isaiah.

Thinking futher, a few additional examples of a similar kind of unintentional but perhaps intuitive updating came to mind:

1. In the Eucharistic Prayer, I have been known to mistake the official "Therefore let us keep the feast" for the equally applicable "let us keep the peace.

2. And when reciting the Magnificat, I like to murmur "For he hath regarded the loneliness [rather than the lowliness] of his handmaiden."

These mishearings ring just as true to my ear as the originally intended phrases. Surely fear of loneliness strikes the heart of a modern maiden way more often than any concern for relative lowliness; and while feasting always has its place, the icon and repeated mantra of our formative years was peace: Think peace! Peace out! Give peace a chance!

More Peace Signs

Peace be with you . . . and also with you!

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