Thursday, January 12, 2017

Full Moon Night ~ Full Moon Year

Burnetta: What causes such emotions
to bubble up when I look at the moon?
Kitti: If we only knew!

2017 ~ HAPPY NEW YEAR! ~ 2017
A Perfect Ecclesiastical / Paschal Moon













Moons of Wintertime and Beyond ~ 2013
Never Quite the Same ~ 2014
Time for a Moondance ~ 2015

Van Morrison's "Moondance"
Michael Buble's Rendition

"It's a marvelous night for a moondance!"


My friend Megan inquired, "What's the scoop on the moon calendar? Were they taken throughout the year or on a special day? Clearly there were different days, but are they governed by a theme?"

A. If I stop and think about it, I think I can answer this question. The last moon calendar I made was for the year 2015, using moons from 2014. Last year, I got distracted by other themes and didn't make a 2016 moon calendar. So for the current 2017 calendar, I had many moons from which to choose, for I had been saving all my moon photos from 2015 and 2016. A few of the choices match up with the corresponding month, but others I picked randomly or transported in from the "wrong" time of year because they seemed like a good fit (e.g., the big yellow February moon used in October).

The very top Paschal Moon was photographed in April 2016, Amelia Island, Florida

January ~ taken in January 2016 ~ Early Morning Moonset from my backyard, Indiana

February ~ early April 2015 in my front yard

March ~ a year later in the same spot ~ April 2016 in my front yard

April ~ June 2016 from my driveway, tropical Indiana

May ~ May 2016 ~ taken through the pines, while visiting Ben in Durham, North Carolina

June ~ June 2016 ~ Summer Solstice Moon, Indiana

July ~ July 2016 ~ Another Driveway View

August ~ September 28, 2015 ~ The Super Blood Moon, an hour before the total lunar eclipse

September ~ September 2016 ~ Waiting for the Harvest Moon to Rise Above the Treeline

October ~ February 2016 ~ The Last Full Moon of Winter

November ~ November 2015 ~ Thanksgiving Eve, taken through my bedroom window

December ~ November 2015 ~ A Ghostly Moon Pre - Winter Moon

The concluding Moondance Moon was taken in June 2016, through the oak leaves in my front yard.

I try to photograph the full moon every month if possible, running out with my camera when the time is right. When I complained that the highly acclaimed movie Moonlight didn't seem to feature much actual moonlight, my son Sam made me laugh by asking, "Did Mom sit through the entire movie with her camera ready, hoping to get a picture of the moon?" Haha! he knows me well!

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