Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Celebrity Look Alike

Way back in 1981, my dear friend Marilyn sent me the above clipping and told me that I looked just like Meryl Streep. I know, I know, she was being over - complimentary, but, I loved her for it (that's what friends are for!) and ever since that day I became a Meryl fan!

A highlight of this year's Oscar Celebration was Frances McDormand's brilliant gesture of inviting all the female nominees in every category stand with her. My favorite part was when she urged Streep, " . . . Meryl, if you do it, everybody else will, c'mon . . . ."

What an honor!

American historian and social observer Sarah Vowell also pays tribute to Streep when explaining the topic and title of her latest (2015) book, Lafayette in the Somewhat United States:

"The thing that drew me to [the Marquis de] Lafayette as a subject -- that he was that rare object of agreement in the ironically named United States -- kept me coming back to why that made him unique. Namely, that we the people have never agreed upon much of anything. Other than a bipartisan consensus on barbeque and Meryl Streep" (25, emphasis added).

Surprisingly, even in the Meryl Streep department, I could name a few dissenters! Even so, what a perfect coincidence that I started reading Vowell's book and came across her reference to Streep on the same day that I wrote this post!
"Inclusion Rider"
Streep & MacDormand

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Academy Awards ~ March 4, 2018

Celebrating Together
Golden Globes ~ January 7, 2018

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