Saturday, January 12, 2019

A Patience Larger Than Time

Three Grandmothers

After Epiphany . . . the Flight Into Egypt

Could these grandmothers be the Wise Ones,
departing "for their own country another way?"

Could this family's decision be to
"take the young child and . . . flee to Egypt?"
(Matthew 2: 12 - 14)

A Decision to Move

Both pantings by Yerbolat Tolepbay (b (1955)
At the National Museum of Kazakhstan

Neither look back upon Thy starry country,
Nor hear what rumors crowd across the dark . . .
Go, Child of God, upon the singing desert,
Where, with eyes of flame,
The roaming lion keeps thy road from harm . . .

~ Thomas Merton ~


. . . O terrified birds in your nest,
Close wings on doubt, and rise, and come.
The corn shimmers with darkness, and the road
Is strong enough to bear the feet of God. . . .
. . . knowing at last . . .
A patience larger than time.

~ Vincent Buckley ~

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National Museum in Astana, Kazakhstan
By Night

By Day

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