Sunday, March 10, 2019

Daylight Loses

Amphoe Mueang ~ Samut Prakan ~ Bang Pu Mai

The slow and steady progress of the seasons never ceases to amaze! Way back on Januay 16th -- seven weeks ago! -- my friend Steven posted the cheering news:

"Tonight's the last time the sun will set before 5pm.
Spring's on its way!"

Not long after that, it was 6pm. Then, only last week, without even realizing that Daylight Saving Time was so near, I observed a few rays of fading sunlight lingering until as late as 7pm. Gradually, without doing a thing, we had gained two entire hours of evening light since the year's beginning!

Next thing you know, we Spring Forward and the very next night, it will be light until 8pm -- and not even offically Spring for another week! Of course, and somewhat sadly, the evening's gain is the morning's loss. I have never really understood the so - called advantage. Just be patient for another few weeks, and the extra hour will accrue naturally as we gain a few moments of light each and every day -- no intervention required.

"Daylight loses to another evening . . . "
~ Jackson Browne ~
Last Day of February ~ Sunset in Bangkok, Thailand

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