Monday, September 23, 2019

Equinoctial Slideshow

I happened to be in the South of England for the Autumnal
Equinox this year and captured this late summer blossom,
bisected by the equatorial shadow of its neighbor's stamen.


So many stunning photographs appeared throughout the day,
posted by various artistic friends of mine. Here is a
sampling of those which called out, "Equinox!" to me:

"Still Fall Pretty" ~ West Lafayette
by Indiana Mural Artist Craig Martin

"Shadow of a Franklin Lamp
at Independence Hall in Philadelphia;
birthplace of the United States Constitution.
The sun is shining."

by friend, neighbor, writer, and actor Steve Zettler

"On my walk tonite. Corner of Jefferson and Main
Street light, leaves, and concrete."
~ Kirksville
by Missouri Photographer Winston Vanderhoof

And two gorgeous views of the lake at
Thousand Hills State Park, Kirksville:

"Fall . . ."

"Lost Man"

both by Missouri Photographer Jay Beets
whose photographs have beautified my blog
many times over the past decade. Thanks!

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