Friday, January 3, 2020

On the What Day of Christmas?

Happy Tenth Day of Christmas!

Thanks to Liz and Magan
for posting these timely funnies!

We're only three days into 2020, so a few continued mix - ups are understandable. It always takes awhile to settle in, especially when it's not just a new year but also a new decade: The Roaring Twenties! Not to mention that the new year began on a Wednesday this year, making Thursday seem like Monday and Friday like Tuesday. Perhaps a weekend of rest will help clear the confusion. Although resuming the holiday festivities (my plan) over the weekend, might also set us back a bit.

These cartoons remind of the time when I walked into my son's preschool just as the teacher addressed the class: "So can we agree that it is Wednesday?" Apparently a couple of outliers were holding out for a different day! They were working on days of the week, and there was no moving forward in the lesson until the group was able to reach a consensus. I loved the implication that whether or not it was indeed Wednesday or otherwise, the important thing at that moment was to be in one unanimous accord!

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