Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Indifferent Universe

Above: Some Things We Wish Would Stay!

Brian Andreas:
"It's not a personal world, he told me,
no matter how much of it recognizes you on the street."

Something else to make me cry . . .

True. The universe is indifferent. It doesn’t even hate us.

Thomas Hardy:
Going and Staying
The moving sun-shapes on the spray,
The sparkles where the brook was flowing,
Pink faces, plightings, moonlit May,
These were the things we wished would stay;
But they were going.

Seasons of blankness as of snow,
The silent bleed of a world decaying,
The moan of multitudes in woe,
These were the things we wished would go;
But they were staying.

Then we looked closelier at Time,
And saw his ghostly arms revolving
To sweep off woeful things with prime,
Things sinister with things sublime
Alike dissolving. (1922)

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